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At Vadac we share a passion for nature with the caravanning enthusiast and believe this can be combined perfectly with a sustainable, circular and climate friendly future. We believe in making caravans more sustainable and greener by helping people to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying camping at the same time


Founded in 1997 in the Netherlands, with designing and marketing mechanical security products under the PowerLock brand name.
By adding new designs for different technical accessoires, the assortment gradually expanded to infrared heating (Heatek), innovative power products (PowerAce) and a range of high quality boat covers (OdeSea). Hence the company changed name to Vadac in 2004 to better reflect what we stand for: Value Added Accessories.
Vadac keeps expanding the product range and developed in the direction of more complex products such as air conditioners, caravan movers and automatic satellite antennas (Satenne). This lead in 2018 to the launching of a roadmap to sustainable caravanning by rethinking all components. The first step is to replace the traditional gas heater with an energy efficient heat pump. For us this is a logical step in the evolution of the caravan, it removes the risks and inconveniences of the outdated gas heater and takes the caravan fast forward to the pinnacle of climate control. During 25 years of experience in designing technical accessories for the caravanning and marine industry, Vadac has accumulated a profound knowledge and understanding of the market. Since the start in 1997, with the design of insurance certified mechanical locks for caravans and outboard motors, we have lived up to our slogan “a different mindset”. 


The transition from gas heater to heat pump will reduce the CO2 emission of all European caravans combined by around 360 kilotons per year which equals a significant number of 100.000 cars. This first big step towards sustainable caravanning enables us to take the next steps to replace all gas appliances in the caravan, then on to a renewable energy system, a water recirculation system and more so caravanning becomes truly sustainable and self-sufficient.


With a multidisciplinary team, we combine our knowledge and competences in various strong disciplines.Together these disciplines are responsible for creating innovative and sustainable products. This enables us to go from initial idea and concept, to prototyping, industrialization and production for an ever widening range of products with an increasing level of complexity.


OEM-made products are a primary focus in the corporate business strategy. Most of our products are out of the ordinary products, wich are designed with a different mindset then the industry standard. Our current and past OEM clients range from Yamaha and Suzuki to large transportation companies and caravan manufacturers. All OEM products go through the cycle of idea, technical drawings, design freeze to FOT and product launches. 

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Vadac B.V.
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