VADAC, a higher level in the caravan, motorhome and marine market

VADAC is an innovative provider of technical accessories for caravans, campers and boats. Since the start of the company in 1997 focus is on solution-oriented products. VADAC is motivated to develop and design unique products that delight consumers. Whether it comes to product improvements or entirely new products, the goal is always a product where convenience, quality and durability are paramount.

Strong brands – Made in Deventer VADAC continuously works on the 8 own brands, most of which now occupy a distinctive and relevant market position. SATENNE is the brand for fully automatic satellite antennas for motor homes and caravans, P1 is the by ANWB awarded caravan mover trusted by professionals, Coolmac is the groundbreaking airconditioner for the caravan, HEATEK is the undisputed leader in electric floor heating, TRUSTER is the brand for sleeping comfort and the new SteadyLink, PowerAce provides smart energy solutions, PowerLock secures mobile objects and OdeSea stands for innovative marine accessories like the famous foldable TR-60 outboard motor trolley and the deep black boat covers. More and more products from the VADAC range are produced in Deventer.

Persuasion in a surprising way VADAC puts a strong focus on the quality of the product. The company stands behind its products for the full 100%. That shows in the way products are selected. From its own technical service department the company receives a constant feedback on existing products from dealers and consumers alike. This feedback is directly translated into opportunities for further improvement and development. The design and development of the products is done in the Netherlands and director Marco van Rooijen himself plays a big role in this. This way of working allows VADAC to be able to meet the demands of the market in an unparalleled, surprising way.

Attention to detail The office of VADAC is strategically located in the city of Deventer. Marco van Rooijen relies on his own strength. Therefore he has gathered all needed disciplines around him. From logistics and administration to purchasing, sales and technical support. For product development, he collaborates with nearby technical universities and for the production he cooperates with reputable partners around the globe. The combination of a compact organization with a professional staff and the cooperation with external parties ensures VADAC is a reliable partner that provides high-quality products with a good margin to its dealer network.

Increasing attractiveness The products and product lines of VADAC have their own unique appearance. The company also supplies under private label for international A-brands. Whether these products are mounted in the factory by OEM’s at first assembly or added later, they must increase the attractiveness of caravans, motorhomes and boats. That way VADAC wants to contribute to lifting the caravan, camping and marine market to a higher level.



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