Protecting Your Property Since 1997

PowerLock develops, designs and produces high security applications. Our CTL-Series container- and trailerlocks are high tier security locks within the European market. All of our security solutions are fitted with our own premium stainless steel cylinders. 

Our heavy cast steel container- and trailer locks are an excellet soltuion to secure truck-trailers and/or shipping containers.The PowerLock PL-700 padlock is one of the worlds most toughest locks with a boron-hardened shackle and stainless steel casing. 

Interested in becoming a Distributor or Dealer

Building a durable and sustainable relationship with our partner dealers- distributors and OEM’s is one of our main priorities. Every aspect of the design, development and distributing process is closely monitored by our team of experts. This allows us to maintain fast deliveries and clear communication. 



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