Comfortable Camping

The smart solutions of Coolmach replace the traditional gas heater in a caravan with an advanced climate system. The Coolmach Airconditioner® is one of a kind in the market, and is placed in the exact same location as the traditional gas heater. The Coolmach uses a advanced heating pump system to regulate and control the temperature within the caravan. 

The Coolmach is the first step towards a more climate friendly caravan. At Coolmach our vision is to make caravans more sustainable and greener by helping people to reduce their C02 footprint while on holiday.

Protecting Your Property Since 1997

Heatek develops and designs a unique range of innovative heating solutions for the international leisure market. Almost all of the Heatek assortment is based on an advanced Nano-Carbon formula to generate a comfortable infrared heat. The products are ranging from infrared caravan heating to stainless steel boilertanks. 

Our products are available for various applications such as caravans, campers, chalets, tiny houses and regular homes. 

Watch TV Anywhere On Your Vacation

Satenne is our brand for fully automatic satellite antennas for motorhomes and caravans. The new Satenne DiSEqC & Auto-Skew antennas are a revolution in the recreational market, due to it’s relatively low price and high quality. 

Satenne has developed a 22 inch Full-HD TV with a build in satellite reciever, that is tuned to co-operate with the Satenne antenna. 

Reliability For Moving Your Caravan

P1 Movers has developed a reliable, robust and powerfull caravan mover. This is the reason why P1 Movers has won the Dutch ANWB-KCK test for best performing caravan mover in The Netherlands.

Comfort Sleeping In Your Recreational Vehicle

Truster has been producing mattress overlays and mattresses for the recreational market for 15 years. The overlays and regular mattresses are almost all known for it’s MicroFiber PC fabrics in Blue and advanced NASA-Visco foam. 

A branch of the Truster brand, consists of the SteadyLink. An easy to install device that helps to stabilize a caravan. Do you own a motorhome, and interested in reducing your carbon footprint? Then an Eco-Tuning might be a good idea! Check the Eco-Tuning here.

Interested in becoming a Distributor or Dealer

Building a durable and sustainable relationship with our partner dealers- distributors and OEM’s is one of our main priorities. Every aspect of the design, development and distributing process is closely monitored by our team of experts. This allows us to maintain fast deliveries and clear communication. 



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