OdeSea TR-60 Outboard motor trolley

This unique foldable outboard motor trolley was introduced in 2007 in the European marine equipment market. Around this time our previous brand name: ROOTEQ was changed to our new brand name OdeSea

Traditional outboard motor trolleys are to large, heavy and difficult to use. They are almost impossible to carry around in the truck of a car or stow away on a boat. The OdeSea TR-60 outboard motor trolley is universal adjustable to perfectly fit any outboard engine up to 15 HP. The light weight (8kg) and compact design make sure that the TR-60 can be put almost anywhere with ease. The solid square tube design and fastening mechanism gives the TR-60 the strength and stability to handle any outboard motor up to 60 kg safely and virtually without effort. Furthermore the ODESEA TR-60 can be used for safely storing and servicing outboards.

The TR-60 foldable trolley is also suitable for longtail engines. 

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for outboards up to 15 HP (4-stroke)
  • Easy transportation, storage and maintenance of your outboard engine
  • Ergonomic design, very easy to use and stable base
  • Unique reducible construction
  • Lightweight yet strong and stable
  • Adjustable handle, heid and track
  • Waterproof bearings
  • Also suitable for longtail engines
  • Article Code: 1701010603

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Building a durable and sustainable relationship with our partner dealers- distributors and OEM’s is one of our main priorities. Every aspect of the design, development and distributing process is closely monitored by our team of experts. This allows us to maintain fast deliveries and clear communication. 



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